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End of Show Press Release (21.03.2018)

Istanbul became the World’s Industrial Giants’ Meeting Point With “WIN Eurasia” 2018

Istanbul became the World’s Industrial Giants’ Meeting Point With
“WIN Eurasia” 2018

Whole World Manufacturing Industry Flooded Istanbul for 25th International
“WIN Eurasia” Fair

WIN EURASIA” 2018, organized by one of the world’s biggest exhibition company Deutsche Messe’s subsidiary; Hannover Fairs Turkey, brought together the leading national and international companies of the sector at Istanbul in between 15th – 18th  March. 4 days event, occupied 34.615 net sqm, brought together 1813 exhibitors from 22 countries with 75.368 visitors from 146 countries with an enormous international visitor increase representing 51.2 % compared with the 2017 WIN Eurasia editions. Top 10 visiting countries were from Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia.

More over, significant visitor increase from Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Russian Federation, South Africa, U.A.E and U.S.A compared with the previous years were one of the most remarkable record of the “WIN Eurasia”2018. Turkish and international exhibitors from 22 countries such as Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain,
 South Korea and Taiwan had the opportunity to introduce their advanced technology products to the whole industry at one stop. Over all halls, the backbone of the future, Industry 4.0, was shown in a huge variety and proofed once again that WIN Eurasia is the only event in Turkey where the future of the industry is to be seen.

18 March 2018, Istanbul - The Turkey’s industrial sector, which has increased its exports with its high technology industrial products in recent years, crowned this success with WIN EURASIA 2018 organized in Istanbul on 15th - 18th  March. “WIN Eurasia” organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey with the support of Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology and KOSGEB, has led the way in many areas in its 25th anniversary. The entire eco-system needed for the factories of future, from sheet processing to metal working technologies, automation services to electrical and electronic equipments and hydraulic - pneumatic services to intralogistics came together under single roof after 10 years.

WIN Eurasia 2018 Became The Ultimated Trading Platform For 360 degree Manufacturing Industry!
General Manager of Hannover Fairs Turkey, Mr. Alexander Kühnel said that; “ We organized the most business volume generating gathering in the industrial sector with WIN EURASIA, which was visited by 75.368 sector professionals from 146 countries. This amazing figure is the result of the most professional visitor promotion you can get in Turkey. In its 25th year, Metalworking EURASIA, SurfaceTechnology EURASIA, Welding EURASIA, IAMD EURASIA, Electrotech EURASIA and CeMAT EURASIA fairs are back again after ten years, under one roof. We believe in the strengths of this unity! These 6 powers feed up each other as well as the industry itself. With special areas focusing on the Industry 4.0, we broke new records in terms of content exhibitors and visitors. Our visitors had the opportunity to closely experience the technological developments under the Industry 4.0 umbrella, such as automation, digitalization, IoT, augmented reality and layered productions. At the end of the 4 days, and during the show, all the feedbacks we had from our exhibitors were very positive, the show was much more successful than their expectations, they had many orders and signed very important contracts not only from Turkey, also from all over the world which shows how international event we organized and generated a unique trading platform for the industry. The smile on our exhibitors and visitors’ faces, and full satisfaction of them proofed the success of WIN Eurasia in this beautiful city, Istanbul. It is not only one of the most important business hub, also the destination for all sourcing needs of manufacturing industry which makes you to win more at the biggest event in its field in the Eurasia. "

German Pavilion Exhibitor, Dr. Markus Winzenick, Managing Director of ZVEI has also mentioned that; “ZVEI is the German manufacturing association for electronic and electro technical equipments. This year I am the official representative of the German Pavilion and this year we are here with twelve different companies from Germany with products like switchgears, sensors, opticals and equipments and we may say similar with the rest of the exhibitors, actually show is very successful, exhibitors are very happy to be at WIN Eurasia.”
Great contribution to the exports!

Besides Turkish exhibitors, WIN EURASIA hosted international exhibitors from Canada, France,  India, Japan, Poland, Russia and Spain.  Exhibitor firms presented the innovations in their products and services while also making new agreements through bilateral business talks. While China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea and Taiwan attended the exhibition with the pavilions, new agreements were made with Turkish companies to establish new partnerships. 430 international buyers from 30 countries has been hosted during the event. Also, over 500 hosted buyers from 39 cities in Turkey visited the exhibition particularly and found the opportunity to meet with local and international companies. 

Top 20 Overseas Visiting Countries are from; Iran, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, India, Italy, Kosova, Iraq, Israel, China, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, UAE and U.S.A. “WIN Eurasia” 2018 is visited by 7.084  international visitors from 145 overseas countries, which represents 51,2% increase in total international visitors compared with the 2017 WIN Fairs’ international visitor figures.

More than a Exhibition; WIN EURASIA Showcased the Industry Of Tomorrow!
The process of digital transformation gains momentum

The world's industrial giants competed to exhibit their latest technologies at the exhibition with its special areas and new applications offered as part of a new concept focusing on Industry 4.0. International firms exhibited their robot and automation technologies, IT solutions and software as well as network platforms at WIN EURASIA, which gathered all components of 360 degree manufacturing industry. Technology investments have gained momentum with collaborations realized by Turkish industrialists in the exhibition organized with the concept of Industry 4.0. The visitors of WIN EURASIA had the opportunity to closely experience the technological developments such as automation, digitalization, internet of things, augmented reality and layered production. Over all halls, especially in Hall 14 many exhibitors, showcased Industry 4.0, the industry of tomorrow. For sure, WIN 2019 will show another step into the future.

Save the Date;
14 – 17 March 2019!


WIN EURASIA 2019 (Teaser Video)


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WIN EURASIA | "WIN the Future!"