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Exhibition Press Release (17.03.2019)

Turkey became the hub of international trade

Turkey became the hub of international trade

World’s Exhibition Giant; Deutsche Messe’s Leading Exhibition in Eurasia; “WIN EURASIA” Brought Whole Manufacturing Industry Leaders Together at Istanbul!

The leading industry fair in Eurasia region, International “WIN EURASIA” 2019 brought 360 degree manufacturing sector under Industry 4.0  concept at Istanbul. “WIN EURASIA” organized by the world’s exhibition giant; Deutsche Messe’s subsidiary Hannover Fairs Turkey, once again brought leading firms of the manufacturing industry together from 122 countries between 14 - 17 March. The opening of the fair was carried out with the Turkish Rebuplic Ministry of Industry and Technology Deputy Mehmet Fatih Kacir and participating organizations predominant in the manufacturing sector; offering Turkish and international industrialists the opportunity to introduce their advanced technology products to the world. WIN EURASIA brought almost 1,400 participants from 20 countries together with 77.403 visitors from 111 countries.

17th March 2019, Istanbul – organized by the world’s exhibition giant; Deutsche Messe’s subsidiary Hannover Fairs Turkey“WIN EURASIA” once again showed its power with enormous interest of the visitors. Show gathered thousands of exhibitors and visitors of Metalworking EURASIA, SurfaceTechnology EURASIA, Welding EURASIA, IAMD EURASIA, Electrotech EURASIA and CeMAT EURASIA fairs under a single roof in between 14 -17 March, 2019.  Under the Digital Transformation roof, 360° Manufacturing Industry once again became the sector professionals focus point at one stop in Istanbul.  Both exhibitors and visitors had chance to experience the power of “WIN Eurasia” where all industrial products and services from sheet metal processing to metal forming technologies; automation services to electric and electronic equipments, hydraulic & pneumatic services to intralogistics are brought together under digital transformation.

Organized with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and Technology and KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) and Hannover Fairs Turkey, the fair served as a platform for numerous innovations in its 26th year. The entire eco-system required by factories of the future, ranging from steel plate processing to metal forming technologies; automation services to electrical and electronic equipment; and from hydraulic and pneumatic services to on-site logistics, came together at WIN EURASIA.

Exclaiming that WIN EURASIA 2019 resulted in historic success for the Turkish Industry, Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager, Mr. Alexander Kühnel explained that the fair will catapult the Turkish economy to its 2019 targets:

“WIN EURASIA 2019 fair was such a success in international interest that will help to carry Turkey’s industry to a global level in terms of competition. Our preparation stage was focused on the objective of contributing a lot more to the export of domestic firms. We were happy to experience the positive outcomes of the steps we took together with all our participating brands throughout these four days. Playing a significant role in Turkey’s exports, many foreign brands came together and sat at the same table with Turkish manufacturers, namely, European countries as well as Middle Eastern, North American, North and South African, CIS and Asian countries. We firmly believe that export firms will be reaping the benefits of the new deals they have procured during WIN EURASIA in the near future. More over to that, WIN EURASIA is also a good opportunity for the international brands to reach to the Eurasian market as well as reaching to international buyers. Today, I am very pleased to see such a crowd in our halls even in its last day. During these 4 days, praised by our exhibitors and visitors was a great honor for me and my entire team. More over to this, hearing from our clients that they signed for million euros’ worth deals is priceless and the biggest award for all of us. We set up all our shows for being a unique trading platform and continuously improving each of our show focusing on digitalization in order to serve the best service to our clients for to make their visit and participation as a unique opportunity. Regarding on that mission, I am also so proud to mention; WIN EURASIA’s mobile application is also number 1 in B2B platform category at apple store and downloaded by more than 11 thousand industry professionals in Turkey. Which is another indicator that shows the power of WIN EUARASIA. We all look forward to achieve new success stories in our 27th edition which will be held in between 12 – 15 March 2020”

As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, indicating that they have been carrying out projects under the heading of national technology action, T.R Ministry of Industry and Technology Deputy Mehmet Fatih Kacir stated:

“Our main objectives are to ensure the domestic and authentic development and manufacturing of critical products of strategic importance and determining the fields in which we are superior in in terms of competition so that Turkey can take the forefront in international competition, as well as ensuring local and national manufacturing. The dynamism of our young population is our most valuable resource. The growth rate that we have achieved is a lot higher than our neighboring countries and European countries.
Turkey will have taken many broad steps within the next decade. We will be increasing the number of success stories all together. And while we are doing this, it will not, of course, be done as a country who is closed off from the rest of the world, but one that is open to the world, a country which carries out projects by merging its targets with the targets of global firms. We are a country that is open to the world and we dictated our own success story again, especially in the last 40 years of our globalization process.”

Our Customers’ Targets Are Also Our Fairs’ Goals!

WIN EURASIA, the meeting point of 360 degree manufacturing industry in Turkey, under the digital transformation roof; hosted more than 500 delegations from 34 countries within the scope of its ‘International Buyers’ Delegation Program.’ Delegation groups arrived from France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belarus, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon, signing off on new agreements with over 1400 exporters.

Organized in collaboration with the sectors leading organizations and institutions such as MIB, MAIB, MAKFED, ISDER, ENOSAD, AKDER, ETMD, ROBODER, VDMA and ZVEI, the fair was attended by an impressive number of firms from around the country. With the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Trade Associations’ collaboration, “WIN EURASIA” also hosted Anatolian delegation groups from 41 cities around Turkey.

The Focus of the Fair was Digitalization in Industry

The fair, where international firms exhibiting their robot, automation technologies, IT solutions and software as well as their network platforms, has united all components of the 360 degree manufacturing industry. WIN EURASIA visitors had the opportunity to have firsthand experience in technological developments in automation, digitalization, the Internet of Things and augmented reality.

In collaboration with associations, forums and conferences were carried out concurrent to the fair with the aim of carrying Turkey’s industry further ahead, utilizing technology effectively, and ensuring the creation of high added value products.

Projects Adding Value to the Industry Rewarded at “WIN EURASIA”

Organized for the first time at WIN EURASIA in collaboration with ENOSAD, top ranking projects in the “WINOVATION” contest were also rewarded. Project applications were meticulously examined by a committee of 10 of valuable university academicians, professors, and sector representatives. At the end of the evaluation by jury, the winners were finalized among the 10 finalists. Brands ranking the highest in terms of innovation by designing original projects under a range of categories such as products, services, design, technology, technical infrastructure, solutions, business models, organization and social environment, were presented with their awards during the ceremony at the fair.

The winner of the “WINOVATION” competition; Doruk Automation is rewarded with the Predictive Management with Artificial Intelligence Project. The company that won the second prize is OKYANUS Teknoloji with Site Monitoring and Security Solution Project.  There are two valuable projects worthy of the third prize by the jury. With the HKSM IoT Service Project, HKSM (HAREKET KONTROL SERVİS MERKEZİ) and with Innovative QR Marking Project Dedem Elektrik Taah. Otomasyon.

Next edition of WIN EURASIA will be held in between 12 – 15 March 2020 at Istanbul.


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