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Metalworking EURASIA

International Sheet Metal Processing, Metal Cutting and Metal Forming Technologies Fair

Metalworking EURASIA

According to the sectoral report of the IGEME (Export Promotion Center of Turkey), Turkey's exported machineries tools are mainly metal-forming types, which take a 77% share of machinery exports, whereas the rest are metal cutting types.

Don't miss the fair where whole metalworking industry products will be displayed. Take your place for being part of  metalforming, metalcutting and metalworking sector!


  • Forming and Seperation Technology
  • Processing Technology
  • Joining and Fastening Technology
  • Machine Elements and Components
  • Tube / Section Working
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Ball Bearing
  • Motor-Reductor
  • Hardware
  • Hand Tools and Accessories
  • Workshop Furniture / Cabinets
  • Safe@Work
  • Handling Technology
  • Repair and Machine Shop Equipment
  • Process Control and Quality Assurance
  • CNC and Conventional Metal Working
  • CAD / CAM, PLM Technologies
  • Measurement and Quality Control Equipment