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Sheet Metal Processing, Metal Cutting and Forming Technologies

Sheet Metal Processing, Metal Cutting and Forming Technologies

According to the sectoral report of the IGEME (Export Promotion Center of Turkey), Turkey's exported machineries tools are mainly metal-forming types, which take a 77% share of machinery exports, whereas the rest are metal cutting types.

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Sheet Metal, Semi-Processed and Processed Equipments

 Forming and SeperationTechnology

  • Pressing
  • Pressure Forming
  • Edge Trimming
  • Forming, Bending
  • Warm and Hot Formed Parts

 Proccesing Technology

  • Separation Equipment,
  • Cutting (Laser-Plazma Jet-Water Jet-Trimming-Grinder)
  • Sheet Cutting
  • Slab Shears
  • Rotary Shears
  • Water Jet Trimming
  • Special Shears and Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Profile Rolling Machines, Spinning and Flow Forming Machines
  • Punching, Notching
  • Combined / Multifunctional Machines
  • Multifunctional Processing

 Joining and Fastening Technology

  • Staking – Clench Nailing
  • Joining With Fasteners, Fastening Elements
  • Bonding / Fastening / Joining
  • Processing of Hybrid Structures

Machine Elements and Components

 Tube/Section Working

  • Tube/Section Cutting and Trimming
  • Tube/Section Forming (Incl. Bending and CNC Equipment)
  • Tube/Section End Forming and Deburring
  • Tube/Section Measuring Systems

 Compressed air technology

  • Compressors
  • Treatment (filtration)
  • Storage

Surface Treatment

  • Surface Protection,
  • Washing, Degreasing, Cleaning, Rying, Lubricating
  • Hardening, Eroding, Descaling, Deburring
  • Coating

 Surface Treatment, Electrochemical / Electrolytical

  • Coating, Galvanising
  • Dip-Coating Processes
  • Galvano
  • Electrochemical

Paint and Plastics Coating Systems

Surface Cleaning and Pre-Treatment


Metrology and Quality Control



Workshop Furniture / Cabinets

Hand Tools and accessories

 Process Control and Quality Assurance

  • Controlling / Regulating / Measuring
  • Marking Equipment
  • Testing / Inspection Equipment
  • Reading Equipment

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