Aytekin KOÇ / SIEGMUND - Atik Endüstriyel General Manager

As the Siegmund company, our first aim in participating in this fair is to exhibit our own products, that is welding platforms we manufacture and their accessories, as well as to introduce Bavarian culture to Turkey.  The fair is going well, domestic and international visitors are very promising. As this is a professional fair, visitors are generally professional ones. We are happy to hear that WIN fairs will be coming together in 2018. Our next plan is to take part in 2018 fair and to promote our new products.

Hüseyin YANDIATEŞ / atikerweld General Manager

We are very pleased with the participation level of the fair, the number of visitors is quite high. It is important for us that the participants coming from abroad and domestic market are the ones who are interested in the sector, and welding. Consequently we present and introduce our products in a better way although we are new to this industry yet.

Uğur BAYRAM / As Kaynak Marketing Manager

Actually, we have been attending WIN fairs for many years. The fair this year has been very beneficial for us. First of all, the Deutsche Messe team made a good introduction, and we likewise increased our recognition substantially through our digital marketing communication channels. The participation was quite solid. We had the opportunity to make one-to-one interviews with our existing customers from domestic market and abroad as well as with new ones. In addition, the fair was efficient. We made good amount of sales. We also think that we will follow up with our lead systems and increase our sales later on. In this sense, although B2B clients in our era are able to reach the information very easily like B2Cs, for us and for our industry the fairs still are of great importance, especially for face to face meetings.  We are now trying to combine both our offline and online channels and to create a better experience for all our customers.

I think that WIN EURASIA 2018 Fair provides an environment and a platform which combines metalworking field, namely metal sheet processing field, and automation field and where our customers can satisfy their needs from one source.  This is important for us, before today people had to come to separate two fairs in different times. But now, they will be able to do their business conveniently in a single spot.  This will also give us the opportunity to capture all the potential business in a single platform. Thus, while we can talk to our current and potential customers on the automation field, we will also capture the attention of target audience for all product groups on the welding side.  The fair will be efficient in this regard. Additionally, I think it is very good that next year’s fair will be held on March.  As you know, extreme weather conditions in February may pose a serious risk, so fair in March will create a more comfortable environment for everyone. It will be almost middle of the year, investment decisions will have been made and we will be able to see the market circumstances by that time.

Ali Osman ELMALI / Elmalı Makine Assistant General Manager

Our company has been participating in WIN fairs since 2009. We produce metalworking machines, as briefly called press machines.  We are very pleased with the WIN fairs and believe that every year they contribute to the increase in the number of our customers.  This year’s fair is also quite productive.  It is also satisfying in terms of both international and domestic visitors. In particular, we have met and made meetings with visitors from Kosovo, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia.  The meetings were quite positive, we made some agreements.  I also have learned that two phases of the fair is going to be bringing together next year, which is a pleasing situation.  In my opinion, this way we will find the opportunity to introduce ourselves to wider customer groups, I hope it will be good.

Friedrich WAGNER / VDMA - German Engineering Federation Economic Advisor

Since the first WIN in 2002 we have German Pavilion every year at WIN and for this year we are very proud that it’s only German Pavilion no other official country pavilion. I think this shows the confidence Germany, German companies have to the Turkish partners, Turkish economy. This year we have 14 German companies here showing their products and services made in Germany. And especially new comers which I hear for the first time are very very happy with their business till today. I think they will continue doing business, finding Turkish partners. And especially for the next year when the two WINs are together again, I think the German Pavilion will be more and more bigger and more German companies will come to Turkey.

Martin PLATE / Baust Business Unit Manager

Hello! I’m Martin Plate, I’m with the company called Baust and we make rotary punches. We are from Germany and it’s our third consecutive time that we are here in Istanbul at Tüyap fairground. For us it’s a great pleasure to be here, we make sure that we are here to meet our friends to meet our customers to come to some good discussions here and to show everybody that we are here for good. The type of customers that we look for is those who are stand fast in the business, who are serious about the things and we have been very lucky to meet those people here. Some of them have become good friends and are very happy with using our products. So, this fair has been a door opened for us to the Turkish market and we hope that we can come next year again.

I think that the fair in 2018 will be even more successful with more visitors coming. I think it’s particularly attractive to us because we have also seen that not only people from Turkey are coming but also very interesting visitors coming from such countries like Algeria, Tunisia or Jordan which we haven’t good focus in the past and we have the chance to meet them here and I think the same will happen if people from other industries come here and they will see what kind of interesting technologies we have to offer.

Mehmet YIKILMAZ / Güralp Vinç ve Makine Marketing Manager

We have met visitors who are interested in the sector both from international and domestic market. Obviously this is positive outcome for us. We aim to increase our business potential by following the contacts we have made here and together with our new customers we want to contribute to our country’s export volume.  It will be much more positive for us to participate as the first and second phases of the fair are combined next year. We have been participating in WIN fairs for about 12 years and we have continued to participate in both phases since their separation. But we think two phases together will produce a better synergy. Thank you.

Sedat Sami ÖMEROĞLU / ENOSAD Vice Chairman

WIN, of course, is a long-established and even one of Turkey's first fairs at this scale.  We can say that it has improved a lot. The combination of machine-oriented first phase and robotics phase is very important in terms of transition to the “Industry 4.0” and helps raise awareness of business and manufacturing world.  Since both are an integral part of each other, ENOSAD and WIN Fair have been working together to offer the opportunity to combine machine and robot concepts.  As ENOSAD, we also supported and contributed to the fair.  Because it is almost the most important fair in the world, we have undertaken the task of organizing this section. Robot players are now here and exhibited their products and gave seminars about it.  It was very useful in terms of creating awareness and consciousness and providing information.  ENOSAD and WIN have started cooperation organically; it is more about developing the existing cooperation rather than doing something from scratch. It will continue in 2018 as well and in the next Automation fair, we will organize panels, speeches, seminars. We continue to contribute in the same way. WIN brings the industry to us, and in return we present our products to the industry through WIN. We hope to continue our cooperation in 2018, and bring it to a very useful point through different perspectives, especially on the basis of “Industry 4.0”.

Sedat Sami ÖMEROĞLU / ENOSAD Vice Chairman About Industry 4.0 with ENOSAD

We are the first to announce “Industry 4.0” in Turkey.  ENOSAD has announced it for the first time, we raised this awareness for the first time, we organized a congress, we worked hard on this, we discussed with ministries and talked about these issues with many NGOs.  “Industry 4.0” is very important. The key word of “Industry 4.0” is increased efficiency. Productivity and quality will increase. The prices may decrease a little but profitability will increase in the industry.  This is the main element of “Industry 4.0”. The technology will help a lot, but one of the most important elements is robots. Smart automation, embedded systems etc. is a very broad subject. So it is a prequisit for domestic companies to assess the “Industry 4.0” base technologies and adapt their approaches to them. Otherwise we cannot sell any machines anymore, especially after 3-4 years.   Buyers will demand smart machine technologies. Back in the day what is important was machines, other components and peripherals but today, software comes first and then is followed by machine and other components. The advantages of the software technology are beyond our dreams.

Mehmet AKSU / Marmara Üniversitesi Group Coordinator

We would like to thank you very much for giving a place to us in this fair which you have combined metalworking, welding and surface processing fairs under a single roof at WIN EURASIA Metalworking this year.  It has been very useful for us to participate in this fair. Here other participant companies, businessmen coming from all over of the world and our university come together. Thanks to this fair, we get the chance to find investors, introduce our projects and discover job and internship opportunities. Therefore your role in this fair is very important for us; we thank you very much for that. In addition to that, we promoted the robot contest event called Mechatronics Innovation Days and also Innovation Day. Hopefully we will reach a wider audience at the WIN EURASIA Automation fair and we will be here with even better innovation ideas. Thank you so much again.

Levent KAVLAK / İSAG Chairman

WIN EURASIA Metalworking is an industry we have been very interested in for the last three years in terms of occupational health and safety. Because metal industry has the highest occupational accident and occupational disease rates. We see this phenomenon in our statistical data and social security institution statistics.  We come here for the third time with Hannover Fairs Turkey to raise awareness of the participants about risk perceptions and occupational health and safety perceptions.  Seminars are given in the private section of occupational health and safety, i.e. Safe@Work. Hannover Fairs wanted these seminars to be organized, we also supported them and we are getting very good feedbacks in the third year.  Many professionals from occupational health and safety sector of our country and people who are interested in this field attend this four day-seminar. Attendants see machines, robot technologies, welding technologies, and the site and they also get background information and find answers to the question "what could be their positive sides in our applications, what the latest technology can bring to us?".  We share our knowledge and experience in our seminars and we invite academics who have broad knowledge and experience in this field to share their experiences with us and contribute to professional development of our colleagues. We also contact with the owner of the SMEs companies which the occupational accident rates are the highest.  Our seminars are held in outdoor, which creates an interactive environment.  We are working here to create awareness about occupational health and safety among our colleagues, OHS professionals, the employers in the metal sector and everybody who are interested in the field.

Eyüp UÇAKTÜRK / Yametaş Marketing Manager

We attend to the WIN fair for the 7th time this year. We are always in the same hall, we try to be in the halls where the companies in our own industry and the ones for which we supply raw materials visit. We are happy with the progress of the fair in general because significant amount of visitors are coming from Eurasia, which is the main target of the fair. Especially last year and this year we have also visitors from North Africa and Arab countries, which of course is a positive development for us.  We will definitely attend the fair in 2018 because this is the only fair which represents the interests of our industry.