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Ali Osman ELMALI
Elmalı Machinery – Assistant General Manager

We have been attending the WIN Fair for 10-12 years. It is one of the best fairs where we can find the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Today, on the second day of the fair, we have reached a satisfactory amount of both domestic and foreign visitors. We have met with visitors from countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Romania, and today we have recognized the sale to our Algerian customer. This was the first sale of the fair, but 90-95% of our sales negotiations are expected to be finalized.

Our thoughts about the WIN Fair are very positive and we were very satisfied last year too. This year is also very efficient. We would like to thank the authorities for organizing this fair. I also thank the MIB (Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers) officials. A collaboration with the WIN Fair is launched this year.

Marwan Al-Janabi
Kjellberg Finsterwalde - Sales Manager Middle East

This is our third participation in this fair and every year we see better performance from the fair and from the quality of visitors. Since the last year, also we have been realizing that after the WIN concept has changed many things are becoming better.

We are active in the Turkish market since the last twelve years, working together with Turkish CNC, plasma manufacturers. Now we are intensifying our appearance here in Turkey and we want to work more closer to our partners. We have a lot of plans for the close future and we would participate in the next year as well, thank you very much.

Friedrich Wagner
VDMA  – Economic Adviser

This year in the German Pavilion we have 11 German companies showing their products and  services for the Turkish partners. Wihin the second day of the fair they are very very satisfied with the contacts and they hope their business will improve after the fair. All think that the Turkish market is very very interesting for them and they keep contact with their Turkish partners and most say will come next year and WIN Fair will increase our business with Turkey.

Önder Özturan
Datamarket - Special Solutions and Business Development Director

We think the fair is very efficient and productive. Compass IoT Suit is an effective IoT based solution platform that we have developed for the easy and quick and efficient step into the world of Industry 4.0. We allow machine builders to quickly adapt their machines to the world of Industry 4.0.

We received positive feedbacks. I believe that focused sessions within these activities, panels, explaining the solutions clearly, and that this organization creates quite a value. The exhibitors can easily focus on the solutions they want and reach the audience they target.

Tolga Çorman
Leuze Electronic – Managing Director Turkey & Middle East

Industry 4.0 Festival Area is well-known by our customers who are really interested in and curious about the subject. Therefore, from the number of exhibitors, and the interest we can say that we have many customers coming to get the details of the dark factory actually performed for the first time in Turkey. In that sense, we are very impressed by the effectiveness of the fair as a company and we are having a very successful fair.

We had very valuable exhibitors during the panel discussion, we talked with Ford Otosan, Kuka, Festo, Anot, Ekol Logistics and Durmazlar Company about smart production processes, smart production lines and digital factory. I think it's a very useful and nice panel. We had a serious participation.

Eren Gönenli
Anot – Assistant General Manager

We have an application demo on Smart Manufacturing Line 4.0 in this field. As Anot Otomasyon, we wanted to present the solutions of different technologies related to today's Industry 4.0 in a single area to the visitors. Here, as Leuze Electronic, Pizzato and Anot Otomasyon, we offer a concept that we have developed before the fair.
We wanted to emphasize that a custom production can be made. In our flexible production line, we had an intense interest during the fair period. That made us very satisfied.

A. Can Dirin
Lupamat - General Manager

This fair is going very well for us. Especially in the first two days we got serious potential business opportunities from abroad, our guests came and we hosted them. Today we hope that the fair will be even more efficient. There are many dealers in Turkey and abroad. Obviously it was also like a mini dealer meeting for us and this is giving me a special pride. Because our customers, our dealers, our partners did not leave us alone.

Two weeks later, we will be at ComVac Fair in HANNOVER MESSE again.
We will be here next year, for sure. Because I believe this exhibition will be successful in Turkey.

Ümran Demirson
Protechnology – Founder

One of the biggest goals of attending WIN Fair this year was to increase our export targets. Obviously it was very crowded and we had a beautiful fair, we are still having it. It was quite a fair we are pleased.

Kerem Basaran
Kemal Başaran - Marketing Director

This is our fifth participation at the WIN Fair, we get very good efficiency from the fair. We are very pleased with our visitors from abroad and our sector. We are able to appeal to professionals at this fair. Taking surface finishing to this hall and combining was very efficient, we were very pleased with the number and quality of the exhibitors. We get a really good yield from the fair. We have developed our foreign export relations, established good relations with big companies, I believe we will live a very productive post-fair.

Habib Aykol
Kuhmichel – General Manager

Compared to the previous years, this year is a useful fair. It is in terms of visitor and quality, organization as well. We have had visitors from different cities, including overseas. This year I am really pleased with the fair. If you look at it as a combination of surface treatment, it really helped. So far, I can at least qualify this year's fair as helpful.

M. Nail Türker
MIB (Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers) - Secretary General

Our cooperation with WIN EURASIA started in 2019. And will continue in 2020. Although our cooperation started in late 2019, we had a very good cooperation. We have 21 exhibitor members. All 21 members are perfectly satisfied. Especially from the interest of the visitors and the interest they have received during the 2.5-day exhibition period. Both foreign and domestic exhibitors are very satisfied. In this respect, our cooperation is a proper action and has shown its efficiency. We wish to continue the success of the fair in 12th and 14th halls in 2020 and wish you a successful year.

Serkan Budak
Albaksan - Sales and Marketing Manager

This year is much better than last year. We have the chance to tell our customers all about our automotive, white goods and radiator company at the same time.  We have the chance to tell our new products, the welding machines in different technologies.

Alexander Zelenkin
IDS BORJOMI - Lead Procurement Specialist of Production Equipment

It’s great possibility to be here with current suppliers and production companies and meet news ones. It’s a good possibility to be closer to production companies and probably meet at their factories and see the product itself. I think WIN organization should continue the job, it’s great.

Hugo Bastos Oliveira
Tekon - Marketing Manager

For us it is a pleasure to be here presenting our wireless technology products for the Turkish market. Turkish market is a well-known market for us and it is strategic market in order to put IoT solutions available here.
We are currently looking for a distributor in this market. It is our first here and it’s been great. Lots of contacts in WIN EURASIA… We believe that the IoT needs in this market is currently increasing. We believe that in next year, we will be here with you in WIN EURASIA with our booth in order to make business with you.

Brian Byeongmun Kim
National System Co. Ltd - General Manager

This is Brian Kim from National System Manufacturing Company in South Korea. I came to Turkey first time. So many guests visited us. I will exhibit in Istanbul next years. Turkey is very important country because it is located between Europe and the Middle East. We can meet lots of potential customers in this exhibition.

Zeynel Yılmaz
Mutlusan - Electric Sales and Marketing Manager

This year, WIN Fair is very enjoyable for us too. I am here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, for four days.  My general impression is; there is a significant effort in terms of participation, especially from abroad.  WIN team has done a serious work at this point.  This should keep on increasing every year.

Tolga Bizel
Mitsubishi Electric Turkey – Senior Manager OEM Business Development Department, Factory Automation Division

We think that this year's WIN EURASIA exhibition is very important activity in Turkey for us to search for a way out in a market experiencing shrinking issues. We've come together with our present and new potential customers.
This year, our customers showed interest in the special stand in the Industry 4.0 Festival Area.  We tried to exchange information with our customers through seminar events held at the Festival Area.  So, we are pleased with the interest we see this year. At the end of the day the picture made us happy.

Ali Rıza Ersoy
Digit4Turkey - Chairman of the Board

WIN Fairs are very important.  We are coming together under the title of Industry 4.0 for three years.  While most of the companies in the Industry 4.0 Area were foreigners last year, even though only one year has passed, most of our companies in the Industry 4.0 sector are domestic companies today that gives us incredible hope.

A. Ali ŞEN

We are very happy to participate in this year's event at WIN Fair.  I think this year, it has an impact above the traditional effect of the WIN Fair.  We are also very pleased to be present with the presentations of our company based on the digital transformation especially with the Industry 4.0 concept.

I think that WIN fairs have unparalleled experiences both nationally and internationally for their international exhibitors and visitors.  We have very sincere views on this subject, because we are a company that participates almost every year, and we have witnessed more and more qualified international companies and, more interestingly, the participation of public, public authorities and technologists, bureaucrats.  It is a very productive fair for us and we are quite happy to be here.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize in the commercial opportunities of the exhibitors with the efficiency of the mass and the interaction that emerges in the seminar panels and interviews of WIN Fairs.

Can Demirel
TSM GLOBAL - Deputy General Manager

Thanks to this event, we had the opportunity to show our products to our customers from both domestic and foreign countries.  We value this fair and we would like to take our place every time with a wide stand as much as possible.  Hopefully, we will take part in this fair in the coming years and we will have the opportunity to show our products to our customers.

Mertcan Pekçay
JUNGHEINRICH - Energy Management Product Specialist

This year, our customers received information about our lithium-ion batteries during the fair. I’m quoting to you that this is a very well-attended fair and we are glad. Compared to past years, it goes on as a high-potential fair and we are really happy to welcome our customers here this year.

Tolga Kutlu
FESTO - Sales Manager

At this fair, we focused on our products and solutions towards digital technologies and Industry 4.0, and we cared to introduce them to our customers and we received very positive feedbacks.
The fair was busy this year and the interest and relevance were higher than the previous years.  We hosted about 2 times more visitors compared with the previous year.  As I said, these negotiations were on digital technologies and Industry 4.0.  After the fair, we will endeavor to follow the information we get, and turn them into new opportunities.

Arda Akçoru
SICK - Marketing Manager

After a long break, we are affected by our customers and attended the fair.  As you have seen, we would like to serve our customers in the best possible way with our concept that we have brought from abroad.


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