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Exhibitor Press Release (22.07.2019)

Turkish industry considers WIN EURASIA a key component of its 2020 strategy

Turkish industry considers WIN EURASIA a key component of its 2020 strategy

WIN EURASIA, which gathered the six major industrial fairs in the world under a single roof and hosted 1,400 participants and 78,000 visitors from 122 countries in March, focused on the industries with strategic significance in Turkey’s industrial exports in 2020. Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager Alexander Kühnel stated that they allocated a broad range of display areas for advanced industrial and commercial applications in sheet metal processing, metal cutting and forming industries, as well as established special collaborations with the Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers in these fields, and said, “Turkey implemented significant reforms this year and 2020 will be a year to leap forward. Our international industry fairs will play a key role in accelerating this momentum.”

Gathering all the ecosystem required for the factories of the future, from sheet metal processing to metal-forming technologies, automation services to electric and electronic equipment, and hydraulic and pneumatic services to intralogistics, WIN EURASIA will be held on March 12–15, 2020, at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. The fair will also focus on high-value-added domestic manufacturing industries in the Turkey’s export industry and offer exhibitors and visitors an opportunity to see first-hand technological innovations, including automation, digitalization, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality.

Noting that the measures taken to strengthen the manufacturing industry in Turkey and new applications being implemented would further strengthen the industry, Kühnel said,

“Turkey is going through a major phase to strengthen its real economy and move to advanced manufacturing. We consider the incentives offered to manufacturers and the measures aimed at boosting production and exports as significant. As a supporter of Turkey’s newly gained momentum in the industry, we undertake a crucial role through WIN EURASIA concerning its increase in domestic and high-value-added product exports.”
Underlining the machinery industry’s critical role in Turkey exports, and WIN EURASIA is one of the most potent platforms to showcase the complete potential of this industry, Kühnel said,
“WIN EURASIA is one of the major fairs having the highest international potential for the high-tech machinery manufacturing industry in terms of both exhibitors and visitors. We organize this fair in collaboration with the leading companies of the industry, focusing on areas that offer high export potential. This year, we have extended the scope of the fair and designated new countries as potential participants. Thanks to WIN EURASIA 2020, we aim to offer more added value to the Turkish industry.”
“With our leading globally competitive brands, we will showcase the ever-developing manufacturing power of our country in WIN EURASIA.”
Affirming that Turkey manufactures machines that can compete in terms of technology, price, and performance, the Secretary General of the Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB), M. Nail Türker, said,

“The machinery industry of our country has a substantial share of our exports, and its share is increasing day by day. We are paying special attention to international industry fairs committed to supporting the success of our manufacturers who have already made much progress in terms of global competition and help expand their global market footprint. Hence, WIN EURASIA 2020, which combines six subspecialty areas that constitute the backbone of the machine manufacturing industry, and its wide coverage, will significantly contribute to the success of our manufacturers.

According to the agreement signed with the Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers for WIN EURASIA, the member companies will be given priority when purchasing booths in Halls 12 and 14 until August 1, 2019. With its renewed concept, the fair, which has played a major role in the Turkish metalworking industry exports, will be one of the most important components of WIN EURASIA, one of the bigger manufacturing industry fairs in Eurasia.

Meeting point for the 360-degree Manufacturing Industry

With WIN EURASIA specially focusing on the digitalization in the industry, domestic and foreign companies would have an opportunity to present their state-of-the-art technology products and services in Istanbul.  The fair would be a showcase where international companies including industrial giants will compete to exhibit their robots, automation technologies, IT software solutions as well as network platforms.

In March 2019, the fair brought Metalworking EURASIA, Surface Technology EURASIA, Welding EURASIA, IAMD EURASIA, Industrial Energy Systems EURASIA, and CeMAT EURASIA, the six leading international trade fairs in the Eurasian region, under a single roof, and saw nearly 1,400 exhibitors and 78,000 visitors from 122 countries. WIN EURASIA aims to continue to be the premier platform for the digital transformation of the 360-degree manufacturing industry in 2020 as well.